Book Review: Erratica by Bachi


Anyone who reads Times of India will know Bachi Kararia and her famous column "The Erratica"

My Dad is a regular reader of this column and I even remembered asking the meaning of the word Erratica.
Coming to the book, it is basically a collection of all her writings with preface by Big B. Bachi is very famous for her use of words and many from Hindi and perhaps Marathi. Her topics range from politics to recipes and perhaps that is what I like in her...the ability to write on any topic. Her sarcasm and criticism are both humorous and very spicy.
When I bought this book, I bought it as a gift for my Dad but never thought of reading, but unable to resist I browsed and ended up reading the whole thing. Some really touching, funny and some I wish I can by-heart. But not one bad.
Finally we have a book as diverse as our spice box...go ahead and give it a read.

An observation


This is a poster issued by Hyderabad Police. Perhaps because they found a drug seller chain recently.

The Police stuck these poster all around the city and I found this one at a sweet shop!! I liked this poster so much that I had to click it. Nice na?