When things couldn't get worse, they do!


It was almost 6 months that I had slept a full night sleep...and thankfully thats not due to my insomnia...a hell lot of things that kept me awake...starting from my dad's heart failure incidents to family problems at sis...my own studies..mom's mood-swings...and when I finally decided to come to Oman to re-settle things and take off some days, perk up a bit. Everything went well, until I came and had nice long two days blaming the tight schedule for my more-than-usual weakness.
On the third day, I was in Badr-Al-Sama diagnosed with Hepatitis and dehydrated to bone. A week in there and the doc could not do anything reduce my jaundice so I was shifted to Al Khoud branch...another week and a lot of restrictions on diet and IV therapy. I was isolated, the nurses and I don't seem to carry well..no visits..it almost felt like an asylum. 
Finally after 2 weeks of spanking, they thought I had enough and let me go home yesterday. And all two weeks are going to cost a long series of delays in my life...I just hope thing will on smoother from now on.


Being Pramoda... said...

Have nice time from now on..forgive the rest :)

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