So far so good!


My parents have strategies to put me off the diet and they are really hard with that. Not that they don't want me healthy but they always argue that I am sacrificing my health for just numbers on scale.
They feel sad about my obsession and many times forced me to get off diet. But recently, thing went really wrong when I fell sick - about a week ago in Muscat...

My doc was furious with me and the mess that I had done to myself. She checked  my blood pressure - it was above normal and the sugar levels weren't good as well. She warned me to put on some lean weight and if I don't she said my worst fear would come true.

The words "worst fear" froze me...she very well knew, it was the most ugliest side effect of weight loss...the ugly loose skin! I hate it! I even don't know how to tackle it but I fear of it like any weight looser. Moreover my dad and mom were sore and waned me that if I loose more weight, they would make me stay with my sister. (Now, my sister unlike me, is oblivious of her weight, figure - she doesn't even care! Another worst fear!)

So, with all these coming in, I took off the diet for a while. With the exams at corner, I don't think I will be able to take it up again. But if time allows, I think I will go and join the local gym! So far, the only bad effect oof my weight is I have lost some hair and my nails went pale -- but I am recovering them as well. I have been careful to avoid loose skin by doing yoga. Of course a hell lot of walking, keep my muscles tone.

What I want to say is, if you are losing weight keep a plan on how much do you wish to lose, and set a definite period and make sure that you don't go for some quick fixes with the body or else you may end up with loose flabby skin. Going under knife to get rid of this is really nasty and time consuming (perhaps costly too) so better is to lose slowly which helps to retain the elasticity of the skin. Make sure you don't dehydrate yourself and make sure your diet has some minimal amount of fat in it!

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